Computer Basics

Perfect MS- Office

Introduction to Computers, Operating System(Windows-XP,Vista,7 ),Difference between O.S. and Application Software.


Create simple Documents,Opening Files and Saving Text,Inserting Graphics and Pictures, Use of Tab,Use of Header & Footer,Linking and Embedding, Mail Merge(Converting Data of Records from Excel into Word for the purpose of Address Labels or directly on Envelopes),Inserting Formulae,Sorting, Explaining Various Printing Optionsin detail.


Entering Data, Editing, Formatting Cells,Using various Financial Functions,Logical Functions(If,and,or etc.), Goal Seek Scenario ,Filters and Advance Filters, V-Look up ,H-Look up, Linking spreadsheets ,Split use of Multiwork Sheet, Pivot Table and Charts, MIS Reports. etc.
Power Point :Creating a Presentation,Entering and Editing Text , Using different view for Presentation, Using Clip Art and Animations.

MS Outlook

Create POP Account ,Identities for Multiple Users, Offline Support and Message Synchronisation ,Contact Pane etc.
Internet : Concept of Internet,How to create e-mail account,send mail with attachment and downloading,create account on social networking sites e.g. Facebook ,Twitteretc, online chatting, e-ticketing(how to book Railway tickets online), e-banking, Internet telephony etc) with Project Work.