Startup and Charts Of Accounts

Company in QuickBooks

Getting started with Quick books, Create Company, Managing Data files, Setting up user, Single and multi user Mode, File Type and Backup, Add, Edit and Delete Accounts.

Working With list and items

Using Charts of Account, The Customer and Jobs List, The Employee, vendors List, Using Custom Fields, Inactivating and Reactivating list Item, Printing List, Merging List item, Adding multiple List From excel,

Sales Entries and Sale tax

Basic Sales and Invoicing

Selecting a Sales Form, creating an Invoice And receipt, Review And Print Forms, Using price Level, Associate a price level with a customer, Generate reminder statements.

Setting Up Sales tax

The Sales Tax Process, Create Tax Agencies, Create Individual sales tax Item, Sales Tax Group, Indicating Taxable & Non Taxable, Customers & Items, Paying Sales Tax.

Inventory management

Inventory Items and Process

Setting up and create Inventory, Create Purchase Order, Receiving item With a Bill, Item Receipts, Matching Bills, Adjust inventory, Enter a stock loss or increase.

Paying and process Bills

Entering and Paying Bills

How to ways you can handle bills, Setting Billing Preferences, How to enter a bill, Paying Bills, Early Bill payment Discount, Vendor Credit, How to enter a bill .

Receiving Payments, making Deposit

Recording Customers Payments, Entering a Partial Payment, Applying One payment To Multiple, Invoices, Entering Over-Due payments, Handle customer discounts, Down Payments or Pre-Payments, Applying Customer Credit, Making Deposit, Enter cash back from a deposit.

Using Quickbooks Bank Accounts

Registers for QuickBooks Bank accounts, Demonstrate how to open a register, Make entries directly in the register, Reconcile Bank Accounts, Transferring Funds Between Accounts, Writing Checks And printing.

Using Other Accounts

Other Account types Availability, Track Credit Card Transactions, Reconcile a Credit Card Account, Make a Credit Card Payment, Asset and Liability Accounts Track, Introduce Equity Accounts.

Paying Sales Tax

Sales Tax Report, Setup to Track sales Tax, Determine a business's Sales Tax Liability, Paying Your Tax Agencies.

Payroll Management

Payroll Process

The payroll Introduction and process, Creating Payroll items, Setting Employee and Information, Payroll Schedules, Scheduled and Unscheduled Paychecks, Creating Termination Paychecks, Voiding paychecks, Tacking your Tax Liabilities, Paying and Adjusting payroll Tax Liabilities, Liabilities and Refunds Checks, Paying and Processing Payroll Forms, Tracking Workers Compensations.

Tracking Time

Track Time worked on a Project, Weekly Time sheets, Time/Enter Single Activity, Invoicing From Time Data, Using Time Report, Tracking Vehicles Mileage, Track Time worked on a Project.

Estimating & Progress Invoicing


How to create Job Estimates, Find an Estimate in a Data File, Duplicate an Existing Estimate, Invoicing From an Estimate, Display Project Reports for Estimates, Inactivating Estimates, Making Purchase For a Job, Invoice For Job Costing, Using Job Reports.

Reporting And Analyzing


Graph and Report reference, Using QuickReports, Using QuickZoom, Preset Report, Modifying a Report, Rearranging and resizing Column, Memorizing Reports and report Groups, Printing Reports, Batch Printing Forms, Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel, Saving Forms And Reports.

Assets and Liabilities

Creating Fixed Assets Accounts, Setting the Original Cost of Fixed Asset, Management & Tracking Depreciation, The Loan Manager, The Fixed Asset Item List.

Writing Letters

Using the Letters and Envelopes Wizard, Editing Letter Templates

Company management

Viewing Company information, Setting Up Budget, Using the To Do list And Reminder, Making Journal Entries, Using the Cash Flow project, Importing Of Data.

Customizing Forms

Creating New Form Templates, Performing basic Customization, The Layout Designing, Selecting object in the layout designer, Moving and resizing object and Layout, Aligning and Stacking object, Resize Column in Invoice, Edit a Pre-written Letter, Prepare a collection Letter For Overdue. Customers